The Role of Doctors in Health Service Improvement – UK NHS

Vancouver STYLE REFERENCING…. ENGLAND BASED Role of Doctors in Health Service Improvement Assessment Brief Identify an area for service improvement that will improve the patient journey. In your role as a doctor, propose a strategy for: ? how you would to lead this change ? who you would involve in the process ? how you will promote inter-professional working ? how you will review the impact of this service improvement ? key challenges and opportunities for you Word count – 2000 words Learning outcomes being assessed Subject specific knowledge, understanding and skills On successful completion of this module students will understand / be able to demonstrate: ? A comprehensive and critical understanding of the key concepts shaping the agenda for improvement of health care and the implications for leaders of health care services ? A critical understanding of the political, ethical and legal considerations in own context and a well-developed ability to apply them appropriately and sensitively ? An ability to question and constructively challenge existing ideas and practices and to evaluate alternative approaches, taking into account relevant political, legal, ethical, professional and organisational considerations ? An ability to critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate complex and possibly conflicting ideas and information from a range of sources ? An ability to independently seek out knowledge relevant to own organisational context and form well-reasoned judgements about it General Guidance What makes a good assessment – 50% pass mark? • Knowledge & Understanding • Cognitive skills • Application to workplace practice • Organisation and presentation of material • Self Knowledge /Awareness What are we looking for – what are the assessment criteria? • Knowledge – good evidence of reading around the topic • Understanding – relevant use and interpretation of key theory and models • Critical thinking – analytical, evaluative NOT descriptive • Good application of learning to own context • Coherent, reasoned argument; accurate referencing; well presented • Self- aware – critical self-questioning; recognising own strengths and development needs • Self-challenging – identifying your future development actions

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