The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa

The State of Nation-building in the New South Africa NEVILLE ALEXANDER’s passage pp83-86 The purpose of this assignment is to teach you how to critically read an article, and to engage with and reflect on it in an academic manner by answering the assigned questions in short paragraphs. Answer the following five questions in short paragraphs of not more than 100 words each, unless otherwise stated. Do not quote directly from the text unless you are instructed to do so. Question 1 Identify any two assumptions made by the writer and explain them in your own words. (Hint: read the subsection ‘Some Basic Assumptions). (10) Question 2 The writer uses expressions such as, “…the tenacity of the four- nation paradigm,” on the other hand, the “…desperate clinging to a non-racial future vision of the future”, to illustrate ambivalence about the new South Africa. Do you agree or disagree with this view? Provide two well-explained reasons to support your position. . (10) Question 3 What is the attitude of the writer towards the idea of the rainbow nation? Refer strictly to the text to support your view. You may quote directly from the text. (10) Question 4 Oliver Schreiner (1923) made a prediction regarding the political class of South Africa during the twentieth century. Paraphrase his observations. (10) Question 5 Do you think that the heading or title given is apt or relevant for this passage? Write a paragraph in which you provide reasons for the view you have taken. Refer to the text to argue your case. (10)

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