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TITLE OF THE ESSAY IS : The risks to children are no different now than they were in the past. Critically analyse this statement and its implications for parents and practitioners.( DID NOT HAVE THE SPACE IN THE TITLE FIELD) *I believe that is important to know the whole title of the question so you can properly answer the it, so you know what is exactly expected from you. i don’t like the restriction on the words in the title box!!! The subject of this assignment Is discussed in CHAPTER 6 Staying Safe (it is one of the attachments below, the main one to look at ). You should take the same approach to this assignment as is taken in the material in that Rather Than List and discuss risks to children in the past and present, you should focus on exploring AND CRITICALLY ANALYSING the nature of ‘risk’ in the lives of children and the effect that has on both practitioners and parents. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER MATERIAL OTHER THEN THE ATTACHED ONE!!!! NO INTERNET MATERIALS, STUDIES, THEORIES OR ANY OTHER RESOURCES ARE ALLOWED !!!! That means you need to read the chapters, each one is about 6 hrs reading time. NO DIRECT QUOTES ARE ALLOWED IN THIS ESSAY. YOU CAN STILL USE AND QUOTE BUT NOT COPY , PASTE IT AND ALL MATERIAL USED FROM THE CHAPTERS ARE TO BE PROPERLY REFERENCED.

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