The title should be based on my essay that you will write

1st write the introduction with appropriate thesis,Which will stand to write entire 3-4 pages essay.Then write entire essay. #In Introduction:You are not writing summary or descriving what the passage said.You are arguing and writing your opinion about the play and film.Name of play and movie don’t put in a quotes just under line that or use italic word.Illustrates paper to support with thesis.When you use quotes discuss it ,explain why did you choose it (Illuminating something).As an example:If you write about crime,why play and how play present the crime and why flim presents the crime.Why do they question?What is crime in are telling two ways of aspects or ways the crime percive.Both fill have to address in crime.when you talking about crome,you have to say why it’s problametic then about law and who is creating this law.After that you develope the entire essay based on theses you write.Please check the link below for Antigone full text and American Gangster:

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