The usage of MQTT messaging protocol over internet of things environments

Please see the following topic proposal Topic proposal: The usage of MQTT messaging protocol over internet of things environments Nowadays, IOT devices are connected to multiple devices/applications through the cloud. The data being sent by one IOT device can be used across multiple devices, creating a one to many communication in IOT systems. Currently, MQTT is emerging as one of the most popular protocols which satisfies the communication that involves both sending data to the cloud and receiving data from the cloud in the IOT industry. The plan on supporting this proposal topic is to cover historical and technical aspects and terminologies in order to understand its origin and usage as a solution. My final report will be structured as follows: I. Introduction II. Technology overview a. Origin b. What is MQTT messaging protocol c. MQTT characteristics d. How does MQTT work e. Where MQTT can be used f. Terminologies h. Architecture i. Related work III. Conclusion IV. References And follow these suggestions. 1. It is not appropriate to write on a very broad topic such as network security, cryptography, multimedia network protocols, wireless protocols, etc. Keep in mind that this is just a short term paper that should fit into a limited time period. You can actually find a textbook for most of these topics. Please choose a topic as specific as possible. 2. A review paper usually should include multiple (>=5) references. I would like to see references from referred conference proceedings or journals. IEEE, ACM, and Springer databases are widely used by the research community. References such as Wikipedia can be used at the early stages when you explore a topic, but you are discouraged from using them since the information are generally considered volatile for scientific papers. Usually you should summarize different resources instead of reiterating the exact words. It is also important to show your ability on critical thinking – I wish you include as many comments (in your own words) as possible. 3. It is fine to choose the programming project option for the assignment. Generally this option needs more efforts than a research paper option. You can implement something new or simulate the functionalities of existing applications – please make your choice clear in the proposal. You will need to deliver a working prototype in your final submission. The functionalities of this prototype need to be briefly discussed in the proposal. 4. Please note if you cite the exact words from references, you need to use quotation marks on both sides. The paper may be considered plagiarism for failing to do so. You should also pay attention to the use of enough citations so that a reader can separate your work from others easily. For more information on the integrity policy please refer to the course syllabus and CEC’s Graduate Catalog ( 5. If you plan to propose your own solutions on an existing problem, that would be great. Try your best and you may end up with a publication based on your course work. I will be happy to assist you during the process. 6. Please note that for all references and citations, you need to follow the APA format style. This is a requirement by CEC. Failing to do so may lead to the loss of points on your submission. IEEE, ACM, and Springer databases are good resources that can be accessed in the e-library.

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