Thirld World Liberation Front 50th Anniversary Event essay

write about your experience at a community event (event link below) that is related to the themes of this class, Ethnic Studies. Your cultural event essay should be between one to two pages (approx. 300-600 words) and describe in sufficient detail the event or program you attended as well as its connection to the course. Event that you will write about: The Presentation & Conversation: Fulfilling the Dream of the Third World College, featuring 1969 TWLF Student Strikers and current student activists of color. The Third World Liberation Front’s 50th anniversary recently passed. Discuss UC Berkeley’s new exhibit paying tribute to the TWLF strikers and the events that took place. This will require you to research the itinerary, and come up with talking points about each item on the agenda for the event. Discuss how important the Third World Liberation Front Movement was and why ethnic studies is so important. DIscuss how very few of the demands of the TWLF have been met, and how the strikers from over a 50 years ago came to speak at the event and are upset that Ethnic Studies is underfunded. Discus how there was discussion about how the TWLF demands from 50 years ago have not been met and what are potential solutions. As student of color activists passionate about Ethnic Studies we feel a duty to continue the work that the TWLF started.

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