Tourism Reflective Essay (select a site from Hong Kong)

Here is a further clarification on the Reflective Essay. The general idea behind this assignment is for you to relate knowledge acquired in classroom to the current situation around tourism development in Hong Kong. Moreover, it allows us to assess your individual writing skills. Visit a site on your own, any tourism-related site of significance. This can be either a site that is worth spending at least 3 hours at (which is similar to the length of the hike) or a site that has important implications for Hong Kong. It does not have to be a hike. You can look at Discover Hong Kong website and choose any place you find interesting. Alternatively, you can browse through the news and see which tourism developments are mentioned in the news. Discuss this site in relation to one of the following issues: Natural resources and protected areas management Pollution and environmental degradation as result of tourism and other developments Commoditisation of culture Rural rejuvenation Tension between local residents and tourism development Local participation in tourism development Politics and power relations of tourism development Finding appropriate niche and market Here are general recommendations for the structure: Provide a brief introduction to state what you are going to talk about. It is important to make it clear which site the essay is about, what specific issue from the list above you are going to talk about, and why you have chosen that site and issue. Explain in further detail what the issues is. Relate what you have observed to literature: you can use theoretical literature, examples overseas, and/or reports from Hong Kong. In essence, here you have to explain what the issue is and how it is affecting the site you chose, how this issue is relevant for this site or why this site presents a great example for the issue you are talking about. Reflect on what you think is likely to happen to the site and the issue in the near future. Originally this part was supposed to be related to Lantau Development, but now you can think about it broader in terms of the changes that Hong Kong is experiencing, current policies and strategic plans (e.g. Hong Kong 2030+ Provide some recommendations on how to reduce negative aspects of the issue you talk about and maximize benefits for Hong Kong’s society (depends on what you talk about this can mean increasing economic benefits, improving sustainability of natural resources, resolving tensions between local residents and tourism development). Provide a very brief conclusion to sum up your essay. The essay is reflective as students own opinion about tourism development and related issues should be provided. Nevertheless, students’ arguments must be supported by references which may include industry and government reports, academic books and journal articles, news and magazine articles (including online news). The essay must contain the title page, two pages of text on the topic, pictures that clearly illustrate the issue including one picture of the student, reference list. Pictures are not counted as part of the text and should placed after the text. There must be at least five references, at least three of them must be academic references (books or journal articles). The font should be Times New Roman 12, 1.15 Line Spacing with Space between Paragraphs.

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