twitter and health// sexual information from the internet

1. Recent years, people tend to search health information online and seek healthcare support from social media. In this article, Honigman shows us there are four effective ways to use Twitter for healthcare. For this assignment, I want you to think about the following questions: Do you agree that those four ways are the effective methods to find accurate healthcare information? Why or why not? Is there any advantages and disadvantages when people are using Twitter to access health information? Your post should be approximately 300 words. 2. In Lim, M. S. et al.’s study, they found that young people are not comfortable with receiving sexual healthcare information from social media. They also found that young people prefer to seek sexual health information from websites rather than from doctors or other traditional sources. However, it also indicates that sexual healthcare information may not accurate on the Internet. For this assignment, I want you to discuss the following questions: Why do young people are not comfortable with getting sexual healthcare information from social media applications and traditional sources? Is there a better way to help them get credible sexual related information rather than searching on the Internet? Your journal should be approximately 200-300 words.

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