U.S. History – (1789) James Madison Proposes the Bill of Rights

In APA format with in-text citations. Please write a 5 full page essay regarding James Madison Proposing the Bill of Rights and how this was a major turning point in U.S. history. Instructions…. Why you believe the turning point is in fact a significant moment in U.S. History. Describe the causes and events that led to the turning point. Analyze how the turning point changed the course of history in the United States. Evaluate the impact of the turning point on today’s society. Paper Requirements: Well-organized essay including a thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion beyond a component of the paper. At least 5 pages (not including title page and reference page) Use of 5 or more sources. Use of 3 primary source documents. APA citations used throughout paper and a completed APA reference list The Thesis Statement has already been prepared. This assignment already has a list of 10 sources to choose from to use for this essay.

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