Univariate ratio analysis & Multivariate analysis

A. Univariate ratio analysis (as discussed in class): for 2015 (FYE Jan 31 2016) and 2014 (FYE Jan 31 2015) 1. Summary profitability and asset turnover ratios 2. Gross margin, accounts receivables turnover, inventory turnover, and PP&E turnover ratios 3. Solvency ratios (including leverage and coverage ratios) 4. Liquidity ratios 5. Interpret the ratios calculated above, and discuss movement between the two years B. Multivariate analysis – for 2015 (FYE Jan 31 2016) only. 1. Altman Z score (original and modified) 2. Springate score 3. Zmijewski score 4. Provide an interpretation of the above scores C. Overall assessment – based on your quantitative analysis and interpretation, could you as a credit analyst have foreseen the ultimate demise and liquidation of Sears Canada in 2017?

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