US Debt and Dollar Currency Collapsed in the United States, and end the federal reserve system?

Hi everyone I have a persuasive speech about US Dollar Debt and Currency crisis going to collapsed, end the federal reserve system. I want to persuade my audience to prepare them for the big financial crisis that is going to hit on the United States, and why should we need to end the federal reserve system and how to make a plan when the Debt and Dollar Currency collapsed. Why our current dollar is not valuable. I need you guys to put the persuasive speech on a PowerPoint, include charts, illustration, bulletin pin to break down the details to show facts. On PowerPoint introduction put name (Marvin Hodgson) date, Course (SPC 1024) Also, can you make an outline paper that is related to the persuasive speech so I can give it to my teacher. The Persuasive Speech is due on Tuesday April 19, 2016 which is my last day of my speech classes. Thank you

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