Watch Tv series “How I Met My Mother” season 2, episode 3 and find out Grice’s Maxim

In Part A, you were to observe 1 hour of linguistic behavior. In Part B, you will need to submit a report that (a) summarizes your observations and (b) analyzes what you have observed. A: Summary For the summary, be sure to provide relevant details about which show you watched, including show tiles (if available), who the characters are, and their relationships to each other. Also include a short plot summary (2-3 sentences at most). B: Analysis Your analysis should form the bulk of the report. It should include a description of how the characters behaved linguistically with actual speech forms that exemplify such behaviors. Analyze their linguistic behavior in terms of the concepts covered in class (for example semantics, pragmatics, gender, etc (and the first question on the four Gricean Maxims given above). You do not need to discuss all your notes in your analysis. Choose the things that are the most interesting to you and seem most predominant throughout the program, especially with regard to how the four Gricean Maxims may have been flouted and the implicature. This may depend on the genre, of course.

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