Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0: How the Role of Interaction has Changed the Face of Information

Final Project o You will write an 5-7 page paper (Not including title and bibliography). o The purpose of this assignment is for you to position yourself within CMC. o Examples are term paper, original research paper, review of the literature paper, or introspective analysis of your own internet use. o You must incorporate at least one theoretical concept you learn in this class. o Use at least 5 outside academic sources, including books and peer-reviewed journals. o Organize your paper according to the essay format. o Properly cite all your interviews and sources according to APA style. o Evaluation of your paper will be based on: o The quality of writing, organization, and originality. o Successful integration of core concepts and theories to support your central claim. o Appropriate and relevant application of theories/concepts from the readings. o Effective and insightful incorporation of outside sources. o Insightful exploration and critical reflection of your positioning in relation to the issue Rubric o Title Page/APA Style Points Possible:10 o Title of Paper Name, Date, RunningHead, Class, Instructor, Date o Introduction PossiblePoints:30 o Engaging/Creativetopicsentence o Clear Thesis o General Purpose Statement o Present the topic and why you have selected this topic o Literature Review PointsPossible:50 o Discussion of at least 5 academic sources and their relation to your topic o Not a summary of works,but a discussion of how works support your thesis/main argument o Methods PossiblePoints:50 o Discussion of how you went about studying this topic (e.g.,interview, personal observation, readings, questionnaire) o Findings PossiblePoints:100 o Provide a brief summary of your observation and an in-depth consideration of your analysis. o o Application of at least 2 concepts from class and 1 theory o Conclusion PossiblePoints: 40 o A brief summary with final insights o Reference page Possible Points: 20 o APA style o 5 sources

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