What are the things that are for me –and how they are?

The question is formulated keeping in mind that presumably we all live with and among all kinds of “things,” without perhaps thinking about it too much. Now the question prompts us to start asking about what those “things” are and what the “mode” of their existence is (i.e., the fact of “things” may, in the end, not be that important but their existence). While writing about the issue (in order to make it clear — ultimately to your own self — what your current comprehension of this issue is), please keep in mind that it probably would be quite advisable to relate to those thoughts and theories that others have already produced about the question at hand. This is NOT to say that you could be satisfied with mere summaries of others’ positions, whereas it is to indicate of the possibility to draw critical inspiration e.g. from the materials we have covered in class and will continue to do so even for Thursday.

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