What ways has our view on marriage changed in post-modernity?

Research Paper Focus: The paper is to have a thesis statement that names the topic and lists the focus and main ideas to be discussed. The topic should relate to an idea or person that is covered in the text. Sources: Make sure all sources used for quotes, statistics and facts are credible and cited. The paper should have at least five different sources. Structure: The style of the paper is Turrabian. Pay attention to grammar and spelling that would distract the reader from the content. Content/Length: The content of the paper should explore the chosen theme of the paper. Stay on focus. The length of the paper is 8-10 pages. Topic: You may choose a topic that is covered in the text. If you have questions concerning the topic, I will be glad to help. Due Date: April 20, 2019 A tegrity session that was initially done for a Capstone course has been added for this course. I hope this tegrity will be helpful.

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