What We Investigate and Women Agents Reflect on 40 Years

In an essay of three (3) pages please: •In your introduction, give a brief history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. What are the qualifications to become an FBI agent? •In the body of your report, discuss the priorities for the FBI as listed in your text, based on the web site what is the top priority for the FBI? Why? Thinking critically section: •In the body of the Thinking Critically section, go to the second listed FBI web page and watch one of the videos about women special agents and write a brief synopsis. •In your conclusion provide facts and information about women in the FBI. What role did J. Edgar Hoover play in hiring women agents? What are the numbers? What are the percentages? Who is the highest ranking FBI female agent? •In your opinion is the FBI above, about right or below the total number of women agents who should be working for their agency? Why or why not?

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