When galaxy clusters collide: what happens to matter and dark matter?

I have attached the instructions for my research paper. Please ignore the instructions for the proposal. You should scroll down and see “Final Project” I have attached some scholarly journals that you will use while writing my paper. They provide the information that you will need. However, feel free to do your own research. I have also attached a sample paper. PLEASE follow the same format. Please READ the project and proposal instructions, and take a look at the required reference style. Include PICTURES! The methodology section of my paper should not be too vague. You need to tell me what you are going to do exactly; which galaxy clusters, which observatories.The Background section should be folded into the Introduction. The proposal should have an expected results section and my introduction should explicitly state and motivate my research question, so it should be about Galaxy Cluster Collision. I have other scholarly articles but I will attach them in the comment section because I have too many attachments here. This is my final paper so please take it serious. THANK YOU

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