Why do brands work? Discuss in terms of self identity.

PLEASE READ THROUGHOUT CAREFULLY Research paper so obviously will need extensive research on brands and consumer culture. 3000 words. Harvard style. The texts below HAVE TO BE included (obviously not limited to it and have a good amount of independent research). Those are just core texts from the class. Also include points and elaborate from the presentation attached. That is NEEDED as well. It will need a lot of evidence to back up an argument. Have a good debate with proof. Will need specific examples/ case studies. For e.g. teenagers, corporate workers (bankers etc), students, professors, athletes etc..basically explaining how different people identify with different brands. PICK ONLY 3. We need to focus on the WHY factor more than WHAT. So keep the examples clear and precise. The debate will be the most important part. Arviddson, Adam (2005) ‘Brands -A critical perspective’ Journal of Consumer Culture, Vol 5(2), pp: 235-258 (a bit long, and has theory yes, but not difficult) Turow, Joseph (2012) Introduction in Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry is defining your identity and worth. New Haven, CT, USA: Yale University Press pp.1-9 (this is light reading. read this if nothing else.) Available from: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/uiuc-macs410-media-information-ethics-/media/PDF_DailyYou_IntroC4.pdf Additional Readings: Hearn, Alison ‘Structuring feeling: Web 2.0, online ranking and rating, and the digital ‘reputation’ economy, ephemera, Vol 10(3/4), pp. 421-38 Jenner, Mareike (2016) ‘Is this TVIV: On Netflix, TVVIII and binge watching’ New Media & Society Vol 18(2), pp. 257 – 273 Johnson, Catherine (2007) ‘TELE-BRANDING IN TVIII -The network as brand and the programme as brand’ New Review of film and Television Studies, Vol. 5(1) 1, pp.5-24 A documentary to check out: Generation Like (2014), by Douglas Rushkoff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD5ofQwygCw Thanks for looking and your time.

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