Why Do Great White Sharks Travel Over Long Distances?

*Look at the documents that I have uploaded as they explain everything. rubric is on the analyticsrubrics…. specific instructions are on copyoflab….* Use the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker database to identify patterns in the long-range movements of the great white shark, and then develop an explanation for those patterns. The guiding question of this investigation is, Why do great white sharks travel over long distances? Once you have completed your research, you will need to prepare an investigation report that consists of three sections that provide answers to the following questions: What question were you trying to answer and why? What did you do during your investigation and why did you conduct your investigation in this way? What is your argument? Your report should answer these questions in two pages or less. This report must be typed, and any diagrams, figures, or tables should be embedded into the document. Be sure to write in a persuasive style; you are trying to convince others that your claim is acceptable or valid!

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