With the aid of literature, errors in diagnostic imaging in your area of clinical practice

‘Things are not always what they appear’. With the aid of literature, critically evaluate the above statement with reference to diagnostic imaging in your area of clinical practice Rationale & Expected Response: (Please refer to the full learning outcomes and guidance contained within the module document). This written assessment tests your ability to write a coherent and balanced critical discussion, potentially informed by BOTH literature and practice within the clinical environment. The assignment will allow you to explore key themes that link theory to practice in the context of awareness of error and may consist of both text and, where appropriate, images (although the use of images should be kept to a minimum and only used for emphasis). It is expected that the written assignment will include the following; • A clear introduction, main body and conclusion/summary, with appropriate subheadings • Outline and justification of the chosen area of diagnostic imaging and related field of clinical practice in relation to the focus of the assignment, which is error. • Use of relevant and current literature sources (correctly cited) to inform your discussion and any judgements made. There should be use of APA Referencing throughout Critical analysis of the issues of error in relation to your chosen topic and mode of imaging. • The literature search strategy (including number of ‘hits’, databases used and inclusion/exclusion criteria) must be documented in an appendix • Evidence that all Learning Outcomes have been met and that the headline statement of the assignment question has been adequately addressed • That the work is well presented with good use of accurate and appropriate terminology You are also able to check your work for plagiarism via the provision of an additional Turnitin link. The assignment must be submitted in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word or RTF (rich text format). Avoid complicated formatting as this is not always represented accurately on another computer. Do not password protect your file and keep the file size small – below 1.44Mb if possible please. This should not normally be a problem for a text based assignment (it will be much less) but if you include images within your work then take steps to reduce the file size. This includes using JPEG or GIF images rather than bitmaps, reducing image size and reducing image resolution. All of these can be easily achieved using basic image manipulation software such as Microsoft Photo Editor.

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