wk1Catcher and the rye discussion / pysch-Written assignments

Part one: 1. Review the definition of  “setting” in the “Literary Terms” handout. 2. Use textual evidence (specific examples from the novel) to determine the setting of The Catcher in the Rye (again, your response should be based on the information in the “Literary Terms’ handout; the setting has very specific components that you will need to address); 3. Discuss the significance of the setting (based on the definition of the term) in relationship to Holden and the events of the novel.  In other words, how does the setting impact Holden, for example? (350-450 words) Part two: Written assignment: Some have argued that psychology is NOT a science. This view is certainly false, as any field that uses the scientific method IS a science. However, psychology has been categorized as a “soft science” as opposed to a “hard science” (such as chemistry or physics). Recent studies examining scientific fields have suggested that there may be no difference between a “hard” and a “soft” science in terms of advances in knowledge, reliability, validity, etc. In this brief written assignment, please provide what you believe to be the best definitions of a “hard” and a “soft” science, then take a position as to whether psychology best fits one or the other (or neither) – and DEFEND your position. (250-500 words)

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