Writing Prompt – Chapter 27 – The Sixties – Research Assignment

Find one source (primary or secondary) that discusses the topic ” The Sixties” create an annotated bibliography for this week’s chapter and that one source. Be sure to include why you feel that source is important to understanding the content covered in this module, in the paragraph description of that source. Some of the following topics may be what you would like to find more information on. John F. Kennedy Vietnam War Civil Rights Movement Activism (in this time period) Science and technology (in this time period) Martin Luther King, Jr. The descriptive paragraphs found in the annotated bibliography do not have a word count, they should identify why the source is important, why you would use it to express the point you want to express, and any vital information about the source’s origin or author if important. They should be anywhere from 4-6 sentences each, no longer

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