“We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases”(Goethe)

the essay should be approached without talking about goethe but about what he said, moreover the essay should focus on two areas of knowledge, choose between: Mathematics Natural Sciences Human Sciences History The Arts Ethics Religious Knowledge Systems Indigenous Knowledge Systems When two of this areas have been chosen real life examples need to be made about them and discuss their relevance to the title Suggested areas of knowledge: – Human science: alien presence, discuss that several studies brought up the possibility of alien presence, so with more knowledge here doubt increases, in this case there is more doubt about the alien presence second area of knowledge to your choice The introduction of the essay should focus on the explanation of areas of knowledge and the explanation of the essay Body should focus on main real life examples and claims Counterclaims should be made 4 is the max number of paragraphs in the body Conclusion Max word count for the essay 1600 words in text mla citation Bibliography needed NO PLAGIARISM!

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