How To Write A How To Essay

7 Ways on How to Write A How To Essay

The advent of the internet has opened the world to limitless opportunities and a vast of ideas in different areas. Experts may use the internet to pass their knowledge to others by writing a How-To essay. A How-To article gives the audience an explanation to do something on a step-by-step basis. You assume that the audience is seeking to explore information on a new field, and you have been tasked with helping them maneuver through the complexity so that they can do the thing on their own.

Therefore, the writer will require to do extensive research on the subject to guide their audiences comprehensively.  


Here’s some important information to consider when writing a how-to essay:

  1. Pick A Topic You Are Well Conversant With

You cannot teach others a topic you have little or no knowledge about. Therefore, when selecting a topic, choose one that you could explain, even with your eyes closed. It is easier to describe something you are familiar with than grapple with scanty information that you cannot illustrate perfectly. When you are well-informed about a subject, you hardly struggle with the idea of piecing information together as you are not new to it.

  1. Conduct Research

Even though you might be well informed, like in the first step, research is paramount as it strengthens what you already know. An occasional bit of expert advice might help your audiences to build confidence in the suggested procedure. A how-to essay is not a form of argument but rather some concrete steps to follow to achieve the desired result. Instead, it should be something that, when you compare notes with someone else who has previously examined the topic, your ideas are highly going to arrive at the same conclusion. Therefore, you can research to evaluate how other people with similar knowledge have approached the topic and connect them with your own version of doing something.

  1. Introduce the Audience to the Topic

It is important to provide background information on the topic. Some readers may not be interested in doing something as it may be a new area to them. However, upon reading the introduction, they might gain significant knowledge to get them curious and perhaps, get hooked to the end. The essence of a How-to essay is to give people the fine details of something and maybe challenge them to try it out. Let your introduction be as informative as possible so that audiences who are new to the topic can understand what it entails.

  1. Compile a List of Required Materials

This step is only applicable when your how-to essay is about a physical exercise. For instance, an article on preparing a particular type of food may require you to state all the ingredients that the reader must have before starting the process. It wouldn’t make sense if the reader began preparing sushi only to realize they did not buy the suitable seaweed because the essay they were reading from did not specify!   

  1.   The Actual Process

This step requires exhaustive details about the topic you are discussing. It means that you will dissect the subject from the beginning to the end by including all necessary information that readers need to know for a positive outcome. This is the point of action where it should show results by the end of the day. For instance, if you are writing an article on preparing a particular dish, you will be required to give a detailed step-by-step process and show which ingredients to put first and which comes last.


Irrespective of how complex or simple the topic might be, always remember that you are the knowledgeable captain who knows every nitty-gritty of this ocean. Your audiences trust your judgment to get them safely to the other side.


During this step, it is crucial to use procedural phrases such as first, next, before, and finally, among other phrases that will help them transition from one step to another. Since they highlight order, it is unlikely that your audiences will miss them when moving to the next step.

  1. Results

Now that the audiences have gone through the whole process, this step shows the expected results. If they get a different one, that will mean that they missed a point, hence the faulty outcome. Also, you may suggest possible undesired results and reasons why they might have happened. That way, the audiences can retrieve their steps. Additionally, if it is something reversible, they can easily do it without going through the whole process once more.

  1. Important Tips

Tips offer helpful additional information that the audience may consider to ensure they get desired result or even a better one. For example, if your essay is about preparing sushi, you may suggest several convenience stores where people can buy the best seaweed. Also, you may offer several other options that one might consider if they cannot get certain ingredients in the stores around them.

Although this step may not be necessary, it depicts your knowledge of the subject and helps to boost your audiences’ confidence in you. The essence is to give readers different options and help them understand why something is done in a particular manner. However, ensure that you do not provide them with too much unnecessary information to sway their concentration from the primary process and purpose.


As the writer of a how-to essay, always keep in mind that thousands of audiences are looking up to you to guide them on doing something. They see you as a leader whose steps they can follow without fear of going wrong. In return, you should strive to be as resourceful as possible by ensuring that the details you provide will help them accomplish their mission. Furthermore, one would take their time to read through a how-to essay because they need to be guided on that particular subject. Therefore, live up to their expectations by being equally resourceful.


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