2.5 Assignment: Putting It All Together-Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Review the case information of your assigned group below and use the following questions as a guide as you and your fellow group members engage in collaborative discussion:
Discuss your observations.
What are your possible differential diagnoses for this case?
Are there any lab tests you would like to have or would order?
What is your plan for treatment?
Explain your secondary plan for treatment?
Answer the following questions regarding your assigned case study:
Are there any lab tests you would like to have or would order? Explain why?
What is your pharmacologic plan for treatment?
What ideas do you have for non-pharmacological interventions in this patient?
What interprofessional consultations or referrals would you make for this patient?
Explain what might not go as planned with your first pharmacologic plan and present a secondary pharmacological plan for treatment?
Provide a scripture or devotional that you could provide to the struggling client.
Find or create a visual representation of the neurobiology of your patient’s diagnosis.
Use APA formatting throughout the paper, citations/references should be included.

Group 2 Case Scenario: David is a 56 year old male who presents to your office with his staff from his group home. David was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 19 years old. David lived with his parents until they passed away about 10 years ago. After his parents passed away, he stopped taking his medications, decompensated and required multiple psychiatric inpatient stays.  After the fourth psychiatric inpatient stay, he was transferred to a psychiatric residential program. David has been prescribed multiple antipsychotics since his original diagnosis, including Risperdal (weight gain), Invega sustenna (breast development), Geodon (agitation), Seroquel (too sedating), Haldol (EPS), Zyprexa (weight gain). He is currently on a combination of Thorazine 25mg BID and Abilify maintenna 400mg IM every 4 weeks. Staff reports David continues to respond to internal stimuli and has become aggressive toward other clients in the home recently. Staff also reports David hasn’t been sleeping too well recently.  When you ask David about his sleep he reports “I was playing with the Kansas City Chiefs all night.” David spends most of today’s appointment verbalizing delusional thoughts. He believes his abilify injection is a “cancer shot” and his stool softener will make his skin turn black.

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