3. a) Futures of Development Project Outline

Assignment Objectives:

• To help students integrate the knowledge they have developed through this class by applying it to a simulated “real world”

con text.

• To help students develop skills for critical thinking, creativity and innovativeness.

• To help students learn to connect theories used to discuss “development” and globalization to the lived realities of individuals

and communities.

3a – Futures of Development Project Outline (around 1500 words):

Due: Mar 19. 2021 Weight: 20%

Assignment Description:

In your project proposal outline you will describe the context of your intervention, provide an Overview of the development

intervention you are designing. include an annotated bibliography of 3 academic sources you will use in the analysis section of

your project proposal and outline your presentation plan for your project proposal.

Futures Of Development (submitted in two parts):

In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to apply the insights we have gained throughout the class by building on

examples of current development practice to create a proposal for a development intervention ot your choice (a draft business

plan for a business targeting the BOP; a proiect for improving quality Of life in marginalized areas; or an advocacy campaign to

increase awareness or civil engagement on a key issue). Successful students Will demonstrate critical understanding Of the

complexities Of development by situating the intervention Within the Wider social. political. cultural, or economic dynamics of the

country in which the intervention takes place and explaining how the problem their chosen intervention addresses is related to


This assignment consists Of two parts: the project outline and the project proposal. The project outline is an opportunity for you

to develop your idea for the final proposal and receive helpful feedback from your

Assignment Instructions:

1, Identify a “development issue” you would like to address. Research the geographical, social, economic, cultural context of the

issue in one given location/among one specific population. EX. You might choose food insecurity in northern Canada and

select one community in the province Nunavut, such as Arviat_ (About 500 words)

2. Drawing on the course materials and cases shared by guest speakers, think of an intervention that you feel could contribute to

improving the problematic aspects of the •development issue- you have identified. Describe this intervention. Think creatively

here. This is a chance for you to get rich feedback from TAs about your ideas and “development’ definitely needs innova60n

right now! (About 500 words)

a. Research the issue you are hoping to address and the type of intervention you have come up with and choose 3 scholarly

articles that will help inform your final project proposal. Write an annotated bibliography for each of these sources

summarizing the source’s main argument and reflecting on how this will help inform your project proposal, (About 100 words

for each article)

4. Outline your plan for your final proposal. Here you should provide a list Of to illustrate how you Will lay out your

proposal and if you plan to submit your final proposal in the format of a slideshow or short film you can indicate what sort of

images or footage you plan to use. (About 200 words)

5, As with all academic submissions (regardless of format), you must cite all sources used using APA format. Annotated

bibliographies include a full citation followed by the summary and reflective text. Other sources used (for example in your

research on the context and the intervention approach) should be cited in text as they would in an academic essay. Please use

APA format for you in-text citations and list of references. See the Owl at Purdue & for helpful APA guidelines.


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