4. Replacing Proper Nouns with Pronouns

Definition: Nouns are people, places, and things. Pronouns are words that can take the place of nouns. Here are three examples:
The noun Allison could be replaced by the pronoun she.
The noun coffee mug could be replaced by the pronoun it.
The nouns girls and boys could be replaced by the pronoun they.
You can use them to connect sentences and avoid unnecessary repetition.

Directions: Read each passage and then select the correct answer to the question that follows.

Version A

¹The uses of the Clydesdale breed of horses have changed significantly in the past century. ²In the past, Clydesdales were never ridden for sport or leisure; now, however, such activity is commonplace. ³Clydesdales often generate publicity for breweries or other businesses by pulling carts with company logos on them. ?Because automated farm machinery is now widespread, Clydesdales no longer pull ploughs or other heavy farm equipment. ?For example, to better protect delicate ecosystems, the logging industry has recently begun using Clydesdales in timber extraction.

In which of the following sentences would it not make sense to replace the proper noun Clydesdales with the pronoun they? Check all that apply.

Version B

¹At the 2012 London Olympics, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt proved to be both a winner and a showman. ²When introduced to the Olympic Stadium crowd, Mr. Bolt gave a stiff-wristed royal wave. ³Mr. Bolt wore a ball cap turned backward and smiled for the cameras when stepping out onto the track for the 200-meter sprint. ?Mr. Bolt avenged his losses to teammate Yohan Blake from Jamaica’s Olympic trials, winning the London 200-meter race in 19.32 seconds despite relaxing over the last 15 meters and putting his left index finger to his lips as if to quiet skeptics who predicted he would falter under Olympic pressure. ?With teammates Blake and Warren Weir finishing second and third, Mr. Bolt declared himself to be a living legend after becoming the first man ever to win the 100- and 200-meter titles in successive Olympics.

In which of the following sentences would it not make sense to replace the proper noun Mr. Bolt with the pronoun he? Check all that apply.

Version C

¹Landed on the surface of Mars in August 2012, the Mars Science Laboratory is equipped with several fascinating science instruments. ²For example, an imaging device on the Mars Science Laboratory takes extreme close-up pictures of rocks and soil. ³The Mars Science Laboratory also has an instrument that detects radiation and helps assess the planet’s ability to support life. ?The Mars Science Laboratory’s most interesting instrument is a laser that vaporizes Martian rocks so their content can be analyzed.

In which of the following sentences would it not make sense to replace the proper noun Mars Science Laboratory with the pronoun it? Check all that apply.

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