A Reader Response essay

Choose an article from a reputable source (New York Times, National Geographic, Washington Post, TIME, etc. Please follow guidelines for a Readers Response Essay – 1.Discuss why you chose this topic about the subject. 2.Consider your general thoughts and feelings about the subject and why you have those thoughts and feelings. 3.More specifically identify two points in the article you find interesting and why.4.Identify a group- a focus group;that is affected by the theme of the article.Identify at least two points in the article evaluating why and how each point influences this group. 5.Identify at least one point in the article you disagree with; evaluate why you disagree.6.Remember; Point – Illustration – Evaluation. Use specific examples from the article to develop and support your evaluation throughout the essay.7.Don’t forget it’s MLA style.8. Citation at the end of the work is also important. If you think you know the guidelines and they’re more effective than these, please do YOU. You’re supposed to be very good at this.

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