a recent innovation in your area of interest or expertise

t innovation in your area of interest or expertise 1. Write a short research report explaining a recent innovation in your area of interest or expertise. Your goal is develop a recommendation whether your company should become committed to this innovation, or to explain why not. Consult at least five recent sources, providing appropriate citations for each source you use. Use quotations and paraphrases appropriately. Use either the APA or MLA method. Do not use other citation styles. If a quotation exceeds three printed lines, you must indent it. The number of words in indented quotations will be deducted from the word count for grading the assignment. Organize your report into sections that have headings that give the reader a good sense of the dimensions of the topic and the outline. Information you might present includes: • Problems in the development of the innovation and potential solutions. • Issues debated in the topic area. • Effects of the innovation on your field and on the industry in general. • Methods of implementing the innovation. 5 pages 900 words

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