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Option B- Read a book or scientific journal article Pick a topic that interests you that is relevant to this class. You have two possibilities in exploring this: 1. Find a peer-reviewed scientific journal article (not a newspaper or magazine article) on that topic. 2. Find a book on that topic. Instructions: Write a one to two-page response to the scientific journal article or book summarizing what you read and connecting it to our class. I want to hear your voice and thoughts, not a copy of the paper abstract, etc. Be sure to include a complete citation for the paper or book. Responses must be typed. Option C- Watch a documentary Watch a documentary relevant to the class. You can choose any topic that relates to biology. You are trying to learn more about a subject, so watching a 10 minute documentary is not going to impart much information. Look for documentaries that are at least 40-50 minutes long. Instructions: Write a one-page response to the documentary, summarizing what you saw and connecting it to our class. I want to hear your voice and thoughts on the movie you watch. Be sure to include the name of the movie you watched, as well as the URL if you watched it online. Responses must be typed.

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