Acquisition, Security and Management of an ICT System into a Telecom Operator company

A 3000 words report has to prepared. It shall have 3 parts. (harvard style referencing)Note: You have only 10 hours to complete it(I need it at 23:00 , 27-4-2018 sharp) because 23:59 is my deadline). 1. Analysis of requirements and the proposal and justification (through use of suitable analytical modelling techniques) for the acquisition or development of an ICT resource as part of an organisation’s business strategy 2. A risk analysis and proposal and justification of measures to secure, maintain and protect and audit the chosen ICT System 3. A discussion of how global and contemporary issues in ICT (such as climate change, globalisation, cyber-crime) may impact on the management of the chosen ICT System along with a number of recommendations to alleviate weaknesses and mitigate against threats (ICT Solution: can be for example a Caching system that an Telecom Service Provider install in its network. This will make Mobile browsing or download faster for the users. Caching System saves a copy of popular content locally so that streaming requests say for videos are served from locaaly cached copy and hence faster)

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