Advantages and Disadvantages of having food vending machines in school boundaries

Please read instructions 275 words and 5 sentences for paragraphs.. it is a basic essay with strong thesis statement and supporting detail.. I did it essay and I am going to attach some comment about it that you can read.. Also I added a from model •  Determine the purpose of writing to task and audience. •  Provide a section that effectively introduces the topic. •  Formulate a relevant thesis or claim. •  Organize ideas and details effectively. •  Provide adequate, relevant support by citing ample textual evidence; response may also include anecdotal experience for added support. •  Use of a variety of transitional devices effectively throughout and within a written text. •  Demonstrate proficient use of college-level, standard written English (e.g., varied word choice, syntax, language conventions, semantics). •  Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from, or supports, the argument or information presented. •  Use a variety of sentence patterns effectively. •  Maintain consistent point of view. •  Apply the conventions of standard English (e.g., avoid inappropriate use of slang, jargon, clichés).

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