Advertising analysis

Essay 2: Advertising Analysis Select one or more advertisements or promotions that suggest a potential question at issue: 1. Determine who the target audience is. 2. Articulate the major claim in the ad. 3. Decide what the underlying assumption is. 4. How does the ad attempt to achieve credibility? Does it succeed? 5. What appeals to the audience¬ís emotions does it make? Are the appeals fair? Are they overly dramatic? Do you feel manipulated? 6. Is the logical structure of the ad adequate or inadequate? How does the ad use reason to appeal to the target audience? Write about four pages analyzing the ad(s). You should answer these questions to help you formulate an outline so that you can write a fully realized essay that incorporates these questions within the framework of your topic. *Note from customer* – you can pick what ever promotions or advertisement you want to use for this essay just make sure it’s interesting please! PLEASE HAVE TO ME BY 11PM PACIFIC TIME

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