An essential characteristic of a profession is the need for its members to abide by a code of ethics.” ACS Code of Ethics – 2014.

ICT professions require standard ethical behaviours in working environments. Australian
Computer Society has outlined the Code of Ethics of certified ICT professions. This Code of
Professional Conduct (the Code) has six core ethical values and provides the associated
requirements for professional conduct in ICT job roles. ACS requires its members to abide by
these values, and act with responsibility and integrity in all of their professional dealings.
The learning outcomes covered by this task include:
• Describe the practices used in real-world research including legal, commercial and ethical frameworks.
• Make decisions based on social, cultural and ethical issues, and understand the values
expounded in professional practices in diverse contexts.
The Task
In this assessment, you are required to:
• Read the six core ‘ACS code of Ethics’ and its associated requirements
• Read the ‘ACS Code of Professional Conduct Case Studies’
• Search for a real life case scenario where there was a dilemma of ethical value in ICT
industry or profession.
• Provide the following information about the incident of interest:
o Description of the incident
o Must also include the references to the sources of information
o What was the ethical issue?
o What ICT profession or activity was involved?
o What ACS code of Ethics and their associated requirements can be applied to
the situation? Refer to the ACS code of Ethics document provided.

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