An Evolutionary Theory of Large-Scale Human Warfare: Group-Structured Cultural Selection

***Must be written from a Evolution Theory perspective***** Each Part should be 400 to 500 words, not including the Abstracts and References Cited section. Within your essay identify the main theoretical concepts with short direct quotes of the exact words or phrases followed by in-text citations to the exact source page in the style of the AA. These quotes can be placed in the appropriate places within the text of your essay. Recommended Outline: journal article essays must use these bolded section headers in this order. 1. Title: Citation of article in AAA Style 2. Web address: n/a 3. Abstract: – Exact quote from publication 4. Purpose: Identify the stated purpose of the article. What is the research question that is being addressed? 5. Research Question: What is the research problem, question, hypothesis or topic? 6. Heuristic Theory: What is the heuristic theory; the primary “Domain of Explanation? 7. Substantive Theory: Do they articulate a substantive theory? Explicitly or implicitly. Do they cite the theorists or theory publications? 8. Research Methods: What research methods were used? 9. Units of Analysis: What types of data or “units of analyses” are used? 10. Theory frames Question: How is the research problem and methods framed by the heuristic/substantive theory? 11. Question Supported: Does the data/methods sufficiently support the problem/question, hypothesis or substantive theory? 12. References Cited Section: List all of the sources you used in the essay and use AA style of citations.

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