An introduction to the arts of Islam, Africa, East Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas

This assignment must be in MLA format with at least two scholarly sources from the United States. In-text citations must be used. Select 1 work of art from the cultures of Islam, Africa, East Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas . Fully answer the following topic: Select an artwork from one of these cultures that interests you. Examine and discuss it, placing it within its culture and discuss the philosophical meanings and influence found in the work of art. Discuss how the artist’s technique may reflect his/her society’s beliefs. For example, if you choose an African mask, do not just describe them, but state the uses, purposes, and meanings of the art within its culture. Answer the question: How and why would the object be used and what did it mean in its society? And, how was it made? Be certain you are demonstrating an understanding of a different culture’s philosophy. Caution: Avoid the Easter Island figures or any work that does not have an established understanding of how the art reflects a philosophy. Conduct an Internet search to find your chosen work of art or the culture/religion and cite one appropriate website, giving us the link.

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