An op-ed about intercultural rhetoric of a specific brand or marketing case

So the theoretical essay is to write an Op Ed about an aspect of rhetoric (1000 words), and then an essay explaining the rhetorical techniques that you used to convince the reader about that aspect of rhetoric (1500 words). Well, here are some op-eds inspiration. * A Washington Post article comparing Trump with the ancient rhetorician Cicero. * A New York Times article on the problems with ‘All Lives Matter’ rhetoric * An article published in The Conversation about the rhetoric used by Australian governments about asylum seekers Detaild structions: This piece of assessment comprises two parts. (i) A 1,000-word op-ed. Focus on intercultural marketing rhetoric (ii) A 1,500-word reflective essay explaining: a.the aspects of rhetoric that you have used (e.g. ethos, pathos, logos) in your Op-Ed, and how you have used these; b.your use of embedded content (e.g. hyperlinking, photos, memes, etc); c.How you developed your argument. Why did you decide to argue what you have argued? d.What you learned about the topic you have written about? e. Each of the above topics is extremely broad. What information did you choose to include in your Op-Ed and what information did you choose to exclude? This essay component must cite a minimum of 4 scholarly references.

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