Analysing how internet marketing such as cookies affects the privacy on consumers and how trust can be gained

1.What is my burning question ? -what is the problem I am seeking to solve or situation I am seeking to better understand -what is my revised title What are my revised research questions -why are these research questions relevant and important right now -from whose perspective will I investigate this burning question ( 250 words with in text citations ) 2. What theories can I use to investage my burning question (from a choice of 3 possible) -define each theory, the author, the origin of the theory and the relevance for the research topic -from the 3 options, justify the choice of one theory that will be used in the project (450 words with In-text citation ) 3. Why is this sector and target audience so relevant and importmant right now to investigate for other people ? (250 words – with intext citation ) Provide updated list of references , include 5 articles found

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