Analyze the artist’s creative intentions, motivations, and intentions of the work

Please use the materials provided in the appendix (Julian Stallabrass – Jeff Wall, Museum Photography and Museum Prose) to analyze the artist’s creative intentions, motivations, and intentions in the logic and terminology of modern art. And his creation and contemporary social issues (the symbolism of the wall and the meaning of the symbol, suggests starting with alienation, alienation, and modernism; mentioning uncertainty and broadly linking conceptual art and the artist’s own experience) and The artist’s thoughts are related, thank you. Students are required to submit a research essay based on a topic related to the general themes explored in the course. A detailed handout with prospective topics, as well as an essay checklist, will be provided. Papers should be no less than 8 and no more than 10 pages in length and should conform to the citations and bibliographic standards used in the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.), as described in the print edition and online at the following address: chicago style guide: Papers should be submitted to Blackboard — double-spaced, 12 point font, with a 2.54 cm border. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THAT YOU ASSIGNMENT UPLOADED CORRECTLY. DO NOT USE APPLE PAGES

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