analyzing sources reporting about pros and cons of stem cell research

The topic is pros and cons of stem cell research. Select a current event to research and collect information via (a minimum of three) Mass Media sources during the semester. I suggest that you keep a journal of the information you find. Describe the medium, or media, the situation(s), and the information you found in your research. Then, on the basis of your journal, write your paper– approximately 4 – 5 typewritten, double-spaced pages– analyzing your source(s) and their differences in reporting the event. It is best to choose sources that cover all sides of your topic – basically the pro’s/con’s… Remember, you are analyzing your chosen sources as to what they say about your topic – your conclusion (your 4th world) should be based on your analysis of what you discovered about your topic… Also, try to research your topic with an unbiased mindset, one never knows what will be discovered… Remember, you must cite your sources that you used to research your topic (that can be legitimized) and can be identified to your specific example(s) within your paper.

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