Annotated Mind Map: The 7 Western Stories that Shape the World of Today

Format: Annotated Mind Map General Topic: The 7 Western Stories that Shape the World of Today. A useful book to consult when undertaking this paper is: Noah Harari, Y. (2011) Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (London: Vintage Books). Chapter 2 is particularly relevant. Context of the subject of the Mind Map: The world as a whole (as in the looking at the impact the chosen Western stories had on the world as a whole, and not specific to country or culture). 2 parts to this paper: Part 1 is more important, and the presentation of the Mind Map and its annotations in part one should be professional, if possible. Furthermore, the annotations included in the Mind Map should be more detailed compared to the addendum. Part 1) the Annotated Mind Map, this should include a Mind Map of the 7 most impactful Western Stories that have shaped the world of today, and the annotations should include: > Identifying the stories, preferably those with strong links to one another (In this paper, the word stories is used to refer to the common myths that we live by – those myths that large numbers of people believe in common.) > Explaining the ideology behind each story and the impact they had in the past. > The importance of these stories for future societies. > a short statement explaining why the writer chose each of the stories (why are they one of the most instrumental stories?) > An emphasis on the context mentioned above (the fact that we are considering the stories’ impact on the world and not specific to their origins) Part 2) An addendum, further analysing the the 7 chosen stories, and more importantly analysing the links between them. A more detailed description of the assignment can be found in the attached file.

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