Application of the Scientific Method: (a case study from the Geosciences ‘Theory of continental drifting’

Prepare a 4-page essay based on the following prompt: Application of the Scientific Method: (a case study from the Geosciences ‘Theory of continental drifting’). Format With few exceptions, scientific papers consist of the following elements: Title, Authors and Affiliations; Abstract; Introduction; (Background Information); Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion (and conclusions); Acknowledgements; Literature cited; (and, appendices). This should provide a basic framework with which to work * Define Scientific Method, why and how it works. *how was it used to prove and later disprove the theory of continental drifting. *provide clear evidences (tables and figures) 4-Page Essay Grading Rubric for GEOL-3401 Mineralogy & Petrology 1. Focus (15 Points) Does the essay have a clearly stated goal and purpose and maintain it through the text? 2. Development and Content (40 Points) Does the essay lay out evidence in a logical progression (time-line) and support declarative statements with appropriate examples and/or citations. 3. Organization (15 Points) Is the essay well-structured within the parameters of the assignment and per instructions? Does it progress logically and provide clear transitions (e.g. well defined section headings). Are paragraphs and sections unified and coherent and avoid repetition? 4. Grammar and Mechanics (15 Points) Is the essay free of grammatical and mechanical errors? Do sentence-level structural and comprehension impede understanding of the paragraph, section or essay? 5. Other content, including figures, tables, citations, references etc (15 Points) Does the essay present and use and present additional materials correctly and appropriately?

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