Appreciation Gallery: Gallery Piece Descriptions

Appreciation Gallery: Gallery Piece Descriptions For Unit III of the Art Appreciation Gallery presentation, you will be adding a description of the time period of your theme to your PowerPoint presentation. Begin with the PowerPoint presentation that you started in Unit II. Be sure to review your Unit II feedback and make any necessary revisions. Next, research the background and details of the theme using your textbook, the course content, and/or the Internet. For this segment, use the slides in the presentation template labeled “Background.” A minimum of three PowerPoint slides are required; however, you are welcome to add as many as you feel you need. You may include more than one idea on each slide, but please do not overload the slides with information. Be sure to address the following:
Describe the time period of your selected theme.·
Include facts that relate back to your selected art pieces from Unit II. For example, if you choose an artwork depicting a war, it may be helpful to give information about that war.·
Use APA style for citations and references.·

Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previous updated segment and the segment for this unit.·

124) Write an annotated bibliography for five sources related to a theme of your choice in the novel The Alchemist. Consider a theme that you can identify with, find a range of 5 sources (book, article, document, etc) that fit with your chosen theme, and write according to the APA template

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