Are content creators able to making a living from their online content?

It’s a comparative discussion paper should compare between youtube and itunes. 2400 Words (Not including quoted materials). You must develop a specific focus for your CDP.You must consider at least one of the following aspects: cultural, economic, political or geographical influences on the digital content provider.Source quotes and other materials (pictures, charts, music, etc.) from a variety of sources should be used to support the analysis.All sources used must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System.At least two books and two academic peer-reviewed journal articles must be used in preparing your work.Title Page Table of Contents & List of Figures/Tables (if necessary) Introduction Main Body with clearly defined chapters Conclusion Reference List (Using Harvard Referencing System) Always use the font Arial, size 12 for chapters and headings, and size 11 for the text itself. Make sure that the font, size and colour are uniform throughout the entire essay

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