Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your choice of Spring Break location?

By now you have completed your 2019 Spring Break. You either stayed at the university, went home, or travelled to different location. At your Spring Break location, you experienced different activities; activities which included some form of rest and relaxation. At this point, and upon some reflection, you are either satisfied or dissatisfied with your choice of Spring Break location. In 1,000 words or less you are to make an argument, ending in a conclusion, that your choice of Spring Break location was the correct choice, or not. Please provide your statement using a five-paragraph model. Specifically, the model is as follows. An introductory paragraph (1). This is followed with three (3) additional paragraphs where each one of the three paragraphs states a unique point that supports why your choice was either correct (a good choice) or not correct (you wish you had made a different location decision) – (2,3,4). Lastly, provide a concluding paragraph (5). I chose FL as my spring break location. And I am satisfied with it.

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