Argumentative Essay

Written expression is an important quality for any form of civil discourse. Equally important, and intimately related to this

requirement, is the ability to demonstrate clarity and organization of thought. Developing, communicating, and

defending ideas is a crucial element in the writing process. The ability to anticipate and defend counterarguments is

also an important factor in this process. To that end, this final assignment is meant to draw on your

experiences throughout this course and culminate in a persuasive essay that demonstrates your ability to find evidence

and use logic to make your case for or against the fundamental question of:

Can Racial Equity Exist in American Health Care?

Please find the grading rubric above. You should have used it to generate an outline for the body of this paper

already. Be sure to use the rubric to structure your Argumentative Essay with each component that is asked of

you. As stated previously, proper citation of references is required and is a function of academic integrity as

well as a professional expectation.

Additional Guidance:

Don’t forget that this is a final assignment and should therefore encompass content from throughout the


The paper should be as direct and concise as possible. While there is no page number or line spacing

requirements, most papers come in around the 6-8 page range double spaced.

Follow the rubric like a recipe, with each section following the next as listed, in order.

Label each section just as they are in the rubric and outline so the reader can easily follow your essay

from Introduction to Major Problems of the Case, to Arguments, etc.

The opening statement should briefly. explain the aim of the paper and state your position (CAN or

CANNOT) and main arguments briefly.

The major problems of the case should start broadly regarding inequity in the health care system and

then outline the major issues around racism and its role in health disparities as you’ve been learning

throughout this class. This is your chance to broadly_provide an overview and demonstrate your

understanding of the key components of this course.

Then proceed to convince the reader on your position through evidence-based and logical arguments

(minimum of 3).

You are not limited in the materials to use to support your paper. Use materials from throughout

this class as well as your skills in being an educated consumer of knowledge to find and provide solid

foundations for your arguments. Ensure that they capture a wide variety of angles rather than slight

variations on one theme (ex: Implicit Bias is .

For counterarguments (minimum of 2), determine what you think an opponent of your position would

use as their strongest arguments and then use evidence and logic to further defend your position.

For the plausible solutions and/or compromises (minimum of 2), think of common ground ideas that

could work towards a more just system of health care for all. You do not need to provide every detail and

steps in planning, just 2-3 ideas and brief explanations as to how and why they could work.

Conclude the paper by restating your position with strong, convincing language, as if it were the most

critical issue at hand today (it kind of is).

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