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With the understanding that we are all trying to work in this troubling time of disruption and disease with many challenges facing each of us from job insecurity, to all-day-all-night childcare, patient care (hopefully not), elder care etc., we will try to move forward in our course with a totally online Term Paper Assignment here.


What I would like to see people do is to choose an individual Greek or Roman god or goddess ( check your Gardner text p. 87 for a basic selection) – or hero or heroine (Hercules, Achilles, Penthesilea et al.) and utilizing Wikipedia and other written sources, accessible through JSTOR from citations on Google Scholar, write an account describing – comparing & contrasting – various works of art – sculpture, ceramics, painting – over time analyzing the development of the visual representation of your chosen figure & his/her attributes (look up the word). If appropriate to your specific deity/hero/heroine, limited reference to contemporary cartoon/Manga/advertising images of your chosen figure could be included.


In our short writing assignment earlier in the semester, everyone had an opportunity to see how JSTOR works as far as accessing full texts online from a broad range of scholarly literature in. the form of periodical articles, such as the one we worked with from The Art Bulletin about the Vapheio cups. Google Scholar is a terrific online resource that through your choice of specific key words will direct you to various scholarly sources, many of which, but not all, are accessible online. Another feature to utilize is Google Books, which again can be used through key word searches often leading you to full-text – or partial text – of important scholarly books. The importance of these Google options is that, for the most part, they steer you to credible, reliable scholarly resources avoiding the Outer Space Aliens answer to many regular Google searches.


Another important resource is Google Images for visual material to work with in selecting your individual examples. Important websites of specific global museums should be consulted for images & further information – MET, NYC. Louvre, Paris, etc. etc. People with the requisite Word skills could include illustrations from Google Images in their final work, BUT, your paper should be between 6 to 8 double-spaced pages NOT counting any illustrations. All works of art referred to in the paper should be fully identified as to Subject, Artist (if one is known), Date, Medium (what the work is made of) and present location (name of Museum or Gallery with specific i.d. or Accession Number).


The goal of the assignment is to characterize the evolution & changes of how these divinities/demi-gods are portrayed visually (generally by comparison – talking about similarities & contrast – talking about differences  – What is emphasized about them? What is different about how they are represented in the individual works you have chosen? This paper will be due on May 12th , our Last Day of Class on the pre-Corona calendar, submitted as a Word.docx as an attachment to an email to me. I will be uploading additional guidelines to help you with constructing this paper which should include endnotes to your text and picture sources as well as a bibliography at the end listing all sources in alphabetical order starting with actual books consulted, specific articles and other online sources – URL and date source was accessed – following the format of any current Art Bulletin that you can see online in JSTOR. Please email me at any time if you are not clear as to what you are being asked to do. Please also email me when you have decided which figure to work on so that I can be sure you’re (remember to eliminate such contractions in your finished paper!) headed in the right direction. This should be an interesting & exciting assignment to pursue.

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