Article about SSE (social solidarity economy) in China

Write an essay type article on SSE and the social development in China: The progress China has made with a social economy and the problems that exist in the system / economy. Thirty-year of economic transformation has changed China and turned it into one of the major players in the global capitalist economy. However, its economic growth has generated rising problems in inequality, alienation, and sustainability. The recent global financial crisis compels many in China and elsewhere to re-examine the neo-liberal thought on development that has dominated China for several decades. This thought, characterized by de-collectivization, globalization of capital, de-regulation of economy, privatization of state assets and lessening of social welfare provisions, seriously impacts the livelihood of the Chinese peasants, migrant laborers and urban poor. Rethinking the rise of China and its social and ecological impact, it is imperative for us who are critical of capitalist ways of development to ponder over alternative economies. Mention the a brief history of SSE in China. How is it slower than the other continents, how is it different? What is being done to encourage a social economy in China? China has undergone spectacular economic growth in the last 15 years. Concomitant to this growth has been a rising standard of living. This article looks at various social indicators to gauge the extent of social development in China. Compared to other developing countries, China has made great srides in the United Nations Human Development Index. However, China is still beset with problems such as absolute poverty and growing income disparities. Social development is plagued by problems of inadequate social spending, inflation, and urban bias. The vulnerability of groups like women and rural migrants is also worring. It is argued here that such problems could be dealt with by the central government since it has deep financial reserves and political power. It remains to be seen if the government will do so, since the political will to redress these problems is obviously undermined by an increased acceptance of a neo-liberal approach to social policy which gives primacy to market and family support over state interventions.

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