Assignment Details FNBK35661ELBV204E – FINANCIAL PLANNING

costs and other expenses. Their child in

college has no scholarships, grants, or job.

3. Karen and Jay are both 25 years old and are

about to get married. They both have poor

credit due to some bad financial choices made

in college. Jay has a job lined up and is

expecting to make $100,000 per year. Karen is

a teacher and makes $35,000 per year. They

rent an apartment and have a child on the way.

Their goal is to retire at 45 and travel the

world, so their objective is to save as much

money as possible for 20 years and then live

on it for the rest of their lives. They have heard

that individual stocks and bonds are the best

way to make quick money and want your


4. Joseph and Mary are 60 years old. They have

$200,000 saved in an IRA, and own a house

worth $200,000. Mary is retired, and would like

Joseph to retire as well, but he would prefer to

work part time at something that will allow

them to travel whenever they please. Their

lifestyle is such that they required $60,000 per

year to live comfortably. They don’t feel that

they need a will or an estate plan because they

have no children.

The paper should be 3-5 pages in length and must

be formatted using APA standards. Supporting

documents are encouraged (such as, spreadsheets,

tables, graphs, and etc.) but do not count toward the

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