Assignment Details LIT 2000 (1) – Introduction to Literature

You have two weeks. Spend the first week on

reading the poems and gathering notes. Write a

draft and have it reviewed during the second

week. Revise and edit, as you have learned in

English classes.

Specific Requirements:

Use at least four different poems from this


Organize the discussion by ideas, not the

different poems, to improve flow. In other

words, group similar ideas together and

compare and contrast the works; don’t

separate them.

Quote occasional phrases or lines to

illustrate your discussion.

Integrate quotations properly (respecting

line breaks by using slashes).

Format: Please double-space and use at

least font size 12 (l prefer 13).

Check out the rubric below to see how the

paper will be graded.

Use of outside sources is not allowed.

Works Cited is not needed.

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